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Current Fertility Drugs (Priced in U.S. Dollars)

I.  CLOMIPHENE CITRATE:  Clomid and Serophene




V. GnRH AGONIST:  Lupron Depot

VI. PROGESTERONE: Crinone and Prometrium


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Clomiphene Citrate (CC) used for inducing ovulation, occupies an important position in the therapeutic repotoire of infertility treatment. GnRH has been used to induce the LH surge in conjunction with CC. 
CC is also used in combination with menotropins (Human Menopausal Gonalotropins/hCG).

Drug Name and Quantity per Container Price per Container 30 count 60count 90 count
Clomid 50mg 50count $246.55 price on request price on request price on request
Serophene 50mg 50count $199.41
$124.84 $236.69 384.54

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II.  Human Menopausal Gonadotropin (hMG)
hMG is a medication that is composed of FSH, with or without LH, and is used for stimulation of egg development in women who do not ovulate spontaneously, who ovulate extremely irregularly, or, in IVF, to increase the number of eggs developed in a single cycle

Drug Name  Price per vial 10 count
Repronex 75IU  $47.99
Pergonal  75IU  $47.99

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III.  Urofollotropin (FSH)
Gonal-F is a genetically engineered (recombinant) form of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) which is used to stimulate the recruitment and development of multiple eggs in women during an ovulation induction cycle. FSH products may be used alone or in combination with hMG. 

Drug Name  Price per vial 10 count
Gonal-F 75IU Follotropin Alpha $76.07

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IV.  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)
Patients who do not ovulate with CC alone may do so if human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG; 10,000 IU) is given one week after the cessation of CC treatment. 

Drug Name  Price per vial
PROFASI HP PD 10000IU  $55.45

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V.  GnRH Agonist
Lupron suppresses the brain's secretion of LH and FSH; therefore, it is used in preparation for cycles of treatment with ovulation induction drugs (exogenous hMG-LH/FSH and or FSH). It improves the recruitment of follicles by preventing the recruitment of a dominant follicle for the next menstrual cycle. Lupron enables the ovaries to respond with the recruitment of multiple follicles since in most cases we are able to override the selection of a single dominant follicle. It will also prevent premature ovulation (release of eggs) by preventing LH release.

Drug Name  Price 
Lupron Depot   22.5mg inj kit $965.85
Lupron Depot  7.5mg inj kit $359.99
Lupron Depot   3.75mg inj kit $279.99
Lupron  5mg/ml  2 week kit  $189.99

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VI.  Progesterone
In luteal phase supplementation, patients begin progesterone after ovulation in order to augment the progesterone produced by the corpus luteum. In some cases, supplementation is simply used as insurance. In other cases, a patientís corpus luteum may not function properly, and lack of supplementation can cause the luteal phase to end prematurely and prevent a successful pregnancy. Finally, in most medicated frozen embryo transfer protocols, patients often produce no progesterone, and complete supplementation is needed in both the luteal phase and in early pregnancy.

Drug Name  Price 
Crinone  Progesterone Gel 8%  18 applications $171.49
Prometrium  100mg  90caps $55.17

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VII.  Bromocryptine Mesylate
Combined therapy with CC (50 mg, 3xdaily) and bromocriptine (2.5 mg, 2xdaily) for 10 days, has been reported to evoke ovulation in 61% of cases. E2 has been used in combination with CC to improve cervical mucus quality and to induce LH surge. E2 benzoate (1 mg) when given 7 days after the last dose of CC will elicit an LH surge 72 hours later. 

Drug Name  30 count 60 count 90 count
Parlodel  Caps 5mg $51.04
$89.10 $127.15
Parlodel  Tabs 2.5mg $34.36 $55.73 $77.09

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Note: This information is strictly for informational purposes and should not substitute for the opinion of a doctor.
Norphar offers Fertility Drugs from Canada priced in American dollars for people whose insurance covers prescription medication from Canada i.e. United Healthcare or people in the U.S. that are uninsured or on Medicare that are underinsured for prescription medication. The prices and terms set forth on this page are subject to change without notice. Please consult a Norphar representative for specific prices and terms for each medication.