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Safety Check
Order Processing

The following information is a description of the processes in place to ensure that  each order is filled properly and that all necessary steps are taken to maintain the highest standards of safety for all of our customers.

Once an order has been cleared for processing it goes through a series of safety  check points. Prior to this the order has been assessed by the pharmacist and the Canadian Doctor (as well as the initial assessment by the customer's Doctor prior to the original prescription being issued).


Medication is then ordered and our team of professional pharmacy technicians do another safety check as they create the patient's hard and computerized file and cross reference the customer's prescription order to the medication being ordered from one of our distributors and then once again match this information in creating the patient's file. Our pharmacy computerized dispensing program, which also acts as a safety check point, cross references the patient to their order and is capable of red flagging situations such as; unsafe medicine interactions, erred medication orders, incorrect dosages, incorrect medications that were ordered, etc.

Once the medication arrives it is cross referenced with the customer's hard file and placed in a seal-able clear plastic bag with the medication and customer's hard file. It is once again entered into our computerized pharmacy dispensing program as having been received.

The orders (in the seal-able clear plastic bags containing the customer's hard file and medication) are then sent to one of our pharmacists to do a further safety check comparing the medication to the order information in the customer's file. The pharmacist then places the official pharmacy receipt on the medication before signing off and sending it to the shipping department.

The final safety check point is in the shipping department. The shipping department does one last comparison check of the medication order against the customer's hard file and signs off before putting the medication into the shipping envelope along with the official pharmacy receipt. The shipping department compares the customer's hard file to the medication, and the customer's delivery information before sealing the delivery envelope and creating a shipping label and manifest for Canada Post. We are only able to ship medication to the US via Canada Post. Canada Post requires a completed shipping manifest for pick up. At this point, each individual order is issued a tracking number for their order for the customer's convenience. This information is made available to the customer through our customer service department.