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VIOXX / Viox (Prescription) 


Norphar Prices: Drugs from Canada - Price in American Dollars.

Drug Name  and Strength Generic 30 count 60 count 90 count
Vioxx 12.5MG tablet   Refecoxib




Vioxx 25MG tablet  Refecoxib





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Vioxx  is a COX-2 inhibitor, a newer family of NSAIDs. COX-2 inhibitors prevent the production of the prostaglandin hormone COX-2, which causes inflammation, but don't inhibit the body's production of COX-1, which protects the stomach. This significantly reduces the frequency of stomach problems and other side effects.

COX-2 inhibitors, such as Vioxx are as effective at reducing inflammation as older NSAIDs, but don't have the risk of stomach ulcer formation. And many COX-2 inhibitors are safe for people taking blood thinners, because they don't interfere with platelet function.

Like Relafen, contraindications for the use of any COX-2 inhibitor include allergic reactions to other NSAIDs. Other contraindications include pregnancy, existing kidney or liver disease, and heart failure.

Side effects range from weight gain, fluid retention and fatigue to more serious complications such as bloody stools, vomiting and severe abdominal pain. Vioxx, Celebrex and valdecobix can cause adverse reactions when used in combination with several other drugs, including some nonprescription drugs, so a list of all medications you use should be given to your doctor.

Note: This information is strictly for educational purposes and should not substitute for the opinion of a doctor.
Norphar offers Viox from Canada priced in American dollars for people whose insurance covers prescription medication from Canada i.e. United Healthcare. Our service is also for people in the U.S. that are uninsured or on Medicare that are underinsured for prescription medication. The prices and terms set forth on this page are subject to change without notice. Please consult a Norphar representative for specific prices and terms for each medication.

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